live visuals
+ projection


As a video artist, Carla Zimbler manipulates 3D animation to blur boundaries and distort fragments of the natural world to alter mood and trigger emotional response. Working between physical/digital environments, audiences are coaxed inside immersive spaces where sound-responsive visuals expand, contract and melt into darkness.

Carla is interested in the growth and decay of visual noise and the digital extrusion of organic material, in her live performances she bends and projection maps distorted manifestations and otherworldly environments across architectural curves and site-specific sculpture. Fixated on how bodies adapt and respond to spatial characteristics, Carla soaks and saturates space with colour and light to elevate the mundane.

Carla has operated visuals for Dour Festival (Belgium), Distortion Festival (Denmark), LungA (Iceland), Field Day, Beyond The Valley, Festival X, VIVID and Sydney Opera House. Carla co-curated PACT Salon: SLURP!, launched ‘A Nice Warm Bath’ A/V Festival for Melbourne Music Week and co-founded Studio Tszuj where she has designed installations for ACMI, Mixcloud's Future Rising, Boiler Room Sydney, Red Bull Music Festival, Inner Varnika, Something Unlimited, Art Not Apart and Hybrid Festival.